Album Review: Hellkeeper – “A World Within Flesh”

Hellkeeper - A World Within Flesh

There’s a thing that happens when you hear an album that strikes hard and fast on the first spin. But even better is when somewhere along the double digit spin it still does the same. This is precisely what Hellkeeper‘s savage debut World Within Flesh has done and continues to do no matter the playcount. Blackened hardcore is indeed just a tag or identifier but this time out it actually nails the sound and attitude of this debut. It’s caustic, vitriolic, loud and in your face with barely a minutes rest to collect yourself throughout its half hour runtime but this is generally why we listen in the first place and Hellkeeper make it easy to return. Continue reading

Exclusive Stream: Hellkeeper – “Threadbare”

Hellkeeper - A World Within Flesh
Upstate New York’s Hellkeeper will be releasing their debut A World Within Flesh on April 7th. But for now we have the track “Threadbare” for your listening pleasure ahead of the album’s release. Hellkeeper are the epitome of classic thrash meets current day aggressiveness and “Threadbare” is but one example of what might happen if early Slayer met up with early Converge to cut a track. The clean vocals here are a bit of a departure from what you’ll hear on A World Within Flesh but shows a band with more tricks up their sleeve than meets the eye. But don’t let these clean passages fool you, when they sing of rust and complexities they are lulling you into a sense of false security — further listening proves otherwise. Hellkeeper aren’t here to make friends, they are here to bash your skull in so don’t waste any more time, cozy up to our exclusive stream after the jump.

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