CANTO: Iron Maiden, Necronautical, Act of Denial, and More

I have returned from California. What a nice thing that is.

  • Iron Maiden news doesn’t quite excite me like it used to, but that’s quite alright. Their 17th studio album will be another double album (which is… fine, I guess) titled Senjutsu. Pre-orders start on July 21st, with September 3rd set as the release date. Check out the clip for “The Writing On The Wall” if you want. There’s a lot going on in a very good way.
  • Municipal Waste have announced some dates later this year. They’ll be joining Volbeat for a couple nights in early October, as well as a run of shows with Circle Jerks in December. Any of these would be a ton of fun to attend… if they happen to fall in your particular region of the country.
  • Let’s toss in the latest from Act of Denial, titled “Your Dark Desires”. There are some big names in that project, for example Ron Thal Bumblefoot on this track, so I like keeping up. Negative is out on August 13th through Crusaders and Golden Robot Records.
  • We can wrap up with a little bit of black metal. Here is the new video from Necronautical for “Necropsychonautics”. That track is taken from Slain In The Spirit, which is set for an August 20th release through Candlelight and Spinefarm. Pre-order it here.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”

CANTO: Act of Denial, Cradle of Filth, Dreamshade, and More

Anybody else just… not feeling it today? God damn.

  • Cradle of Filth have postponed their live stream event to May 12th. To be honest, I don’t even remember what date it was originally scheduled for, but it sounds like the postponement was due to new album business. Get your tickets here, and keep an eye out for Existence Is Futile later this year.
  • Act of Denial released a new single today, titled “Slave”, which features ex-Soilwork guitarist Pete Wichers. The supergroup’s debut album, Negative, is set for a release sometime later this year through Crusader Records.
  • Vincent Crowley released the first song and lyric video, “La Muerte”, from his upcoming Odium Records release. Beyond Acheron is set for a June release, so we’re still a few months out from that one.
  • I’m not entirely sure what a Dreamshade is, but that sounds like a good video to close with. Check out the clip for “Safe Harbour” immediately below, and be sure to scoop up A Pale Blue Dot, which is out now.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”

CANTO: Horrendous, Act Of Denial, Mordred, and More

College basketball is a sport.

  • Horrendous are the latest to announce a live streamed concert. They’ve teamed up with Saint Vitus Bar for the event, which is scheduled for March 19th at 7:00 EST, and the stream will be available for a full 48 hours if that time isn’t ideal. Get your tickets and additional information here.
  • Helloween (damn, it’s been awhile since I’ve mentioned that name), are lining up a new studio album for a June 18th release, which inconveniently is not Halloween. The self-titled album will feature a seven-piece collective, which includes three vocalists.
  • Act Of Denial, a supergroup of sorts, has signed on to a deal with Crusader Records, and their debut album, Negative, is scheduled for a release this year. First and foremost, however, they’ve also announced a new single that will be out on March 29th. Check out the preview for “Slave” right here.
  • And lastly, the new music video from thrash crew Mordred. This is “Love of Money”, taken from their 2020 EP Volition. Give it a watch immediately below.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”

CANTO: The Ocean, Six Feet Under, Act of Denial, and More

The Ocean

I can’t tell if I’m hungover from Friday night, Saturday night, or last night. It’s kinda weird.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”