Album Review: Æpoch — “Hiraeth”

Life is crazy for me right now, so I have a short little review coming at you for a short little release, but one that is no less impressive or worthy of talking about.  A…Tech Byte, if you will (TRADEMARK PENDING).  Ontario tech/prog death foursome Æpoch are following up their well-received 2020 EP The Scryer with another bite-sized offering, Hiraeth, this time looking ahead to the future instead of wistfully recalling the past and showcasing both new blood and a new outlook on their brand of metal.  And boy, what a gruesome future it is they see…

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The Third Circle of Bandcamp: July 2020 Edition

third circle of Bandcamp header

July was a strange month for music and you are going to feel it in this one boys and girls. I found myself listening to a lot of not-metal in July, and so a good chunk of it has made it into this month’s Third Circle.

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