The Third Circle of Bandcamp: July 2020 Edition

third circle of Bandcamp header

July was a strange month for music and you are going to feel it in this one boys and girls. I found myself listening to a lot of not-metal in July, and so a good chunk of it has made it into this month’s Third Circle.

We open with Lisa Bella Donna’s divine synths, which captured the weird emptiness of a July spent at arm’s length from… well, everyone. Strange summer, when you can’t have any parties. Then we have a very nonstandard entry in the form of Machinae Supremacy soundtrack, who’ve been a mainstay in my chiptunes-meets-metal playlists for well over a decade. But you like metal right? So we have Aepoch, an almost-local progressive death metal band, to keep your interest. But it was just a trick, because Osi and the Jupiter (see Rainbows in the Dark) deliver some folk music, and then Moon Tooth (check out an old interview with Nick Lee) delivers a wonderful acoustic rendition of one of my favorite tunes from last year’s album. Anyway, metal. So we have Boris being their ever-creative selves with some thrashy noise, and some post-metal from Fall of Messiah (profile). Not metal enough for you? Fine, we’ll wrap with some filthy death metal from Shezmu and blackened death from Bedsore.

I hope your tastes are as varied as mine, or I suppose this may be one of the last Third Circles you click. Anyway, hope your summer has been adequate and we’ll see you next month.

(Create this album for about $24.50, or buy it all for $56. One of these albums are Name Your Price.)

– Charles

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