Album Review: In Mourning – “Afterglow”

COVER SMALLWhen it comes to reviewing albums, comparisons to past and larger outfits are inevitable –– necessary, even. Likening an album to a more familiar work in the metal genre gives readers a context for what to expect, and if nothing else, lays a general foundation for how to process the elements at work. But occasionally you hit a snag where you don’t just compare a work to another; you get the sneaking suspicion that the lesser album is dwelling in the shadow of the greater one. Sweden’s progressive melodic death/doom outfit In Mourning, now releasing their fourth album, Afterglow, have stepped into some new territory and certainly matured, but for the life of me, I can’t shake comparisons off and feel that it’s still a solid-at-best album dwarfed by its own influences.  Continue reading