Initial Descent: April 5 – 11, 2020

Dool (photo courtesy of Nona Limmen)

Well, well, well. We’re all still in this crap. But, at least we’ve got good tunes to ride it out with and this week, there’s no shortage of good to be found. So, let’s do this. Dark metallers Dool return with an absolute stunner (no surprise here, amazing band and amazing music), Akurion uncover all the dark corners in their love letter to death metal and all its wares, Benighted continue their reign of all things insane via grinding death metal, and High Priestess turn doom on its ear with some Pink Floydish twists. Four albums up top and many, many more to go so get to it! Continue reading

CANTO: One HELL of a deal to Full Terror Assault, words of wisdom from Kerry King, and more tours!


What a busy day it’s been here. Apparently people pay attention to Dark Tranquillity best-of lists. Who knew?

I dig it.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”
– Corey

CANTO: Sebastian Bach’s a doofus, tour announcements galore, and more!

sebastian bach

I love moments when Sebastian Bach makes a moron of himself. Which is, to say, most times. Luckily, we get one of those moments to lead off tonight’s Canto. So why don’t we do just that?

  • So hey! Here’s that Sebastian Bach moment I mentioned earlier. Apparently dude’s realized he doesn’t have a lot of friends and is now selling tickets to attend his wedding. For $300. I can’t wait ’til exactly zero people show up to this thing.
  • KEN Mode announced a whole buttload of fall tour dates to support their new album, Success. How much of a buttload? Try two months and more than 50 shows. That Acheron gig in Brooklyn could be fun.
  • Speaking of tour dates: Kataklysm and Belphegor are hitting the road together this fall.
  • Some interesting stuff here: a handful of guys from Cryptopsy and Neuraxis have teamed up to form a new project called Akurion. And hey, it’s apparently going to be “ball-crushingly heavy,” guys!
  • And finally, here’s a new video from Phinehas:

Song’s called “White Livered,” and…whatever. See you kiddies tomorrow.

Keep it heavy,