Initial Descent: April 5 – 11, 2020

Dool (photo courtesy of Nona Limmen)

Well, well, well. We’re all still in this crap. But, at least we’ve got good tunes to ride it out with and this week, there’s no shortage of good to be found. So, let’s do this. Dark metallers Dool return with an absolute stunner (no surprise here, amazing band and amazing music), Akurion uncover all the dark corners in their love letter to death metal and all its wares, Benighted continue their reign of all things insane via grinding death metal, and High Priestess turn doom on its ear with some Pink Floydish twists. Four albums up top and many, many more to go so get to it!

Dool - Summerland

Dool – Summerlands (Prophecy Productions) – dark rock / metal

Akurion - Come Forth to Me

Akurion – Come Forth to Me (Redefining Darkness) – death metal

Benighted - Obscene Repressed

Benighted – Obscene Repressed (Season of Mist) – death / grind

High Priestess - Casting the Circle

High Priestess – Casting the Circle (Ripple Music) – doom / psych

Also on tap:

Across the Swarm – Projections (Time to Kill) – death metal

Ajna – Rengeteg (Inverse) – experimental rock / metal

Barrens – Penumbra (Pelagic) – post-metal 

Brass Owl – State of Mind (Independent) – rock

Calligram – The Eye is the First Circle (Prosthetic) – black / punk

Cordyceps – Betrayal (Unique Leader) – brutal death

Curse – The Awakening..and the Old (Redefining Darkness) – black / thrash

Curse Upon A Prayer – Infidel (Saturnal) – black metal

Drain – California Cursed (Revelation) – hardcore / punk 

Eternal Armageddon – In Light In Dark In Hate (Independent) – black / thrash

Flight of Eden – Dante’s Inferno, EP (independent) – metal

Gaytheist – How Long Have I Been On Fire (Hex) – metal

Gloom – Awaken (Slovak Metal Army) – gothic metal

Grim Fate – Perished In Torment (Xtreem Music) – doom / death

Har – Anti-Schechinah, Cassette (Blood Harvest) – black metal

HellgardeN – Making Noise, Living Fast (Brutal) – thrash

Kool Keith x Thetan – Space Goretex (Anti-Corporate Music) – rap? Metal?

Like Rats – Death Monolith (Hibernation Release) – death metal

Lord Vigo – Danse De Noir (High Roller) – heavy metal

Mass Murder – Extreme Extinction (Sliptrick) – brutal death

Mental Disaster – The Repulsive Abomination (Death to Music Productions) – groove death

Midwife – Forever (The Flenser) – heaven metal

Myth of I – S/T (The Artisan Era) – avantgarde metal

Noroth – It Dwells Amongst Us (Caligari) – death metal

Rabid Flesh Eaters – R.F.E. (Independent) – speed metal

Revulsion – Enough to Bleed (BDHW) – hardcore

Ritual Dictates – Give in to Despair (Artoffact) – extreme metal

Romano Nervoso – The Return of the Rocking Dead (Mottow Soundz) – rock

Savage Annihilation – Soumises à la procréation (Xenocorp) – death metal 

Shakers – I Need You To Know (Independent) – screamo

Sovereign – Neurotic (Redefining Darkness) – death / thrash

Spell – Opulent Decay (Bad Omen Records) – heavy metal

Superhorror – Italians Die Better (Krach) – horror punk-metal

Symbolik – Emergence (The Artisan Era) – tech-death

The Earth Below – Nothing Works Vol. II: Hymns for Useless Gods (Unherd Music) – rock

Vanessa Skantze – Writhing Treasure Feast (Independent) – folk

Wayward Dawn – Haven of Lies (Mighty Music) – death metal

Whitephosphorous – Cruel and Unusual Punishment (Trepanation Recordings) – noise

Wolfheart – Wolves of Karelia (Napalm) – metal

Zero Fire – The Attic Sessions (Independent) – rock

– Josh

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