Receiving the Evcharist: Teeth and The Kraken

Receiving the Evcharist 2018

Receiving the Evcharist is our weekly feature where we pair choice albums with our favorite libations.  Drink from the cup of heresy. This week’s offering: Teeth’s The Curse of Entropy and The Kraken Rum.   Continue reading

CANTO: Waste of Space Orchestra, The Browning, Ignite, and More


Cantos are less frequent during the holidays.

  • Here we go. Dark Buddha Rising and Oranssi Pazuzu will be releasing a new album together under the name of Waste of Space Orchestra next April through Svart Records. This is gonna be big.
  • The Browning will be hitting the road in early 2019. Dates are in March and April and they will be joined by Betraying the Martyrs and Extortionist.
  • Metal fans consume a lot of consumables. And by that I mean we like drugs and alcohol, in case you weren’t aware.
  • Ignite have released a new music video for “Nothing Can Stop Me.” If you’re feeling some melodic… hardcore… punk… this is for you. Check it.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”
– cmb

Circle Pit, Vol. VI, June 2016: “What is ‘Good’ Metal?”

nine circles circle pit

This month’s questions came to us from contributor and fallen angel J. Andrew. It reads:

“If you could create a single CD worth of metal that represents what “Great Metal” means to you, what would you put on that CD? Remember, a standard CD is limited to 1 hr and 17 min. Don’t worry too much about covering all types, just be comprehensive enough to cover your definition of quality metal music.”

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Circle Pit, Vol. II, February 2016: “Intoxication at Shows”

nine circles circle pit

Circle Pit is a monthly series in which Nine Circles writers (and select guests) answer a question posed by our Masthead team. These questions can be serious, quirky or humorous. If you have any suggestions for questions please feel free to email us at This month’s questions is:

What is the appropriate level of intoxication at a show? Is there one? Should there be one?
We’ve all experience shows being ruined by that  disaster in front of you who can’t stand up straight. Maybe we’ve been that disaster. Regardless, it’s time to discuss carrying in your own alcohol, drinking $11 beers. After the jump you will find a bunch of thought provoking answers from our team. As always your feedback is welcome both in the comments section or twitter.
“Cut the shit, start the pit!”

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Stage Dive: Best Drinking Partner in Metal?

Well now, we haven’t done one of these for awhile. Must have been at least a week, right? Okay, so it’s been more than that. REGARDLESS, Stage Dive is back and ready to open the floor to only the most imperative topics in the metal world. So a brief recap, I pose a question, provide my input, and you share yours in the comments. It’s not that complicated. Let’s roll.

You know what accompanies aggressive music rather well? Booze. Lots of booze. Booze brings out great times and great memories (or brown/blackouts). Somehow, we have not brought alcohol into this site all that frequently. So I say this is a good time to do just that. So my question to you this week is:


Alcohol (right-center), pictured here with Johan Hegg of Amon Amarth

Now THIS is a loaded question. Let’s confirm one thing: this is very subjective. It could be who you find the most interesting life-ically, who you expect to throw the most ridiculous party, or, quite simply, your favorite musician. The first individual that came to mind for me was Devin Townsend (and he finished as a very close second). The ridiculous variety of music he’s played with Strapping Young Lad and as a solo project on top of his bipolar disorder and past substance use, a ridiculous time is guaranteed. That wasn’t enough though. So I let curiosity take over and fell to Ihsahn. I’ve appreciated just about everything the man has done over the years–both his solo work and obviously Emperor. But frankly what I’m most interested in is his recount of the 90’s in the extreme metal underground in Scandinavia. The church burnings and murders have always fascinated me because I see them as a evidence to constantly need to push the envelope. It’d be incredible to hear a firsthand account. But no, still not enough. I fell to one Adam Darski. Most of you may know him as Nergal.

I need no words.

This should really not come as a surprise. My feelings toward Behemoth are widely known. Naturally, the figure in metal I would want to get drunk with the most is their legendary frontman. But let’s cover why.

  • Well, I just mentioned my obsession with the band, so that part is obvious. I could talk Behemoth music with the dude for days on end, from their albums to their stage presence. Especially the stage presence. They still hold the title as best live band I’ve seen (not best concert, let’s be clear). I also like booze. So, hand-in-hand much?
  • This man is a very free-thinking, knowledge-seeking heretic. I consider myself similar but in a far lesser light. He has been known to denounce Catholicism and has faced legal conflicts over tearing a bible on stage during a live performance. A+. I am very much looking forward to reading Sacrum Profanus, his autobiography that finally gets an English-language release. It’ll be a fascinating read for me. Sometimes drunken talk gets a little serious. There would none more serious than this.
  • The dude overcame leukemia and then promptly toured Evangelion and then a few years later give us The Satanist. Several months of recovery, not a beat was missed by him or Behemoth and their live performance only got better. Dying to know what he pulled from that experience and what changed because of it.
  • His overall not-give-a-fuck-ery. It seems like half the things he says are in some way controversial. Remember that time he called out American death metal bands? I don’t agree with everything he says, but I’m an adult and understand what difference in opinion means. It’s more about respecting that he speaks his mind regardless of feedback. I can only imagine how alcohol would further enhance this.

So let’s wrap this up. I would imagine a drunken situation with Nergal includes a lot of booze in a dark cellar bar with a lot of in-depth discussion regarding religion and the human race. And ideally, plenty of the infinite stories he’s inevitably built up over the years with Behemoth and otherwise. Plus, the whole not giving a shit thing could lead to some crazy interactions within a bar. Which I would fully appreciate. Hmmm, minus the whole Nergal part, it already kinda sounds like a night out for me in Portsmouth. I’ll accept it. Oh well, this will probably never happen. But at least I can drunkenly read his autobiography soon, close as I’m gonna get I’m sure.

So what say you? Share below. Or don’t.

“Ein bier…bitte”


Live. Love. Plow. Horns Up.