Album Review: Oceansnow — “Vivienne”

Oceansnow - Vivienne

Before diving into this write-up, for the sake of context, I do think it’s worth acknowledging how long it has been since I’ve isolated myself with an album with the intent of piecing together a full review. I eventually gave up scrolling back in our posts trying to find my last album review. Yes, it has been that long. So, drawing inspiration from other members of our team, I opted for an album on this week’s release lineup virtually at random. That, my friends, is how we got here today… a deep dive into the debut full-length from mysterious United States ambient black metal project Oceansnow. And all told, if Vivienne serves as the beginning, the emergence of this project will prove to be a welcomed one.

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Album Review: Spectral Lore – “Gnosis” (EP)


Greece’s Spectral Lore only just released their fourth full-length album last year, titled III, but 2015 has already seen additional material in two lengthy EPs titled Voyager, and the one we’ll be focusing on now, Gnosis. A title that translates roughly to ‘knowledge of spiritual mysteries’, Gnosis is an appropriately named 50 minute listen that explores a wide range of ambient black metal, calling on a number of specific influence. The end of 2015 may be approaching, and the focus for many is certainly on albums reemerging for year-end lists, but it would be criminal to outright ignore this particularly compelling work of art. Continue reading