Circle Pit, Vol. III, March 2016: “Twitter Fights”

nine circles circle pit

This month’s question, which is more of a discussion, is quite long so I will keep the intro brief. If you’re reading this blog then there’s a high likelihood that you’re no stranger to Twitter. And if you’re on Twitter then it’s a safe bet that you have seen your share of arguments, venting, rants, drunken photography and some very heated debates. In fact, it’s more likely that you have seen any of those things than actual positive debate and academic discussion. So, without further ado:

“As a user of Twitter, it’s not uncommon to see vitriol being spit in any and all directions. In fact, it seems as if Twitter has become a sort of empty cavern into which users can scream their 140 character (or less) criticisms. Do you engage in online arguments and if so, do you put any sort of limitations or guidelines on those interactions? Do you specifically avoid confrontation on Twitter and, if so, how do you go about avoiding that conflict? Do you think any of the argumentativeness on Twitter is productive? How could Twitter better be utilized as a forum for intellectually progressive discussion?”

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