The Horns Up Podcast: Episode 48 (April 18, 2015)

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It’s time for Episode 48 of The Horns Up Podcast, your weekly catch-up on all things metal!

This week, the guys examine Dave Mustaine’s utter ineptitude at crowdfunding and TOTAL aptitude for egotism, then chat about new releass from Outre, Bladecatcher and more. Plus, Dan gets a few #LOLKnicks jabs in because it’s been a while since we did sports!

All that and much, much more this week, so check it out!

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Live. Love. Plow. Horns Up.

Album Review: Árstíðir lífsins – “Aldafǫðr ok munka dróttinn”

arstidir lifsins aldafodr ok munka drottinn

Alright, so, there’s pagan black metal, there’s folk metal, and then somewhere in between you get Árstíðir lífsins. With a name that translates to “seasons of life”, the personality behind this band is immediately apparent. Aldafǫðr ok munka dróttinn is the German/Icelandic trio’s third full length release since their inception in 2008. Released last December internationally, it’s only just making its rounds in North America, so this review may be considered somewhat late. But the fact is, it’s good enough to warrant a full write-up now.

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Just the Tip: April 14’s New Releases in Brief

It’s new release Tuesday—time for another edition of Just the Tip! Here are the new releases we’ll be discussing on the podcast this week!

April 14, 2015

Outre – Ghost Chants (Godz ov War / Third Eye Temple / Essential Purification)

outre - ghost chants album cover

Outre (or their labels) haven’t yet made this thing available in full on Bandcamp, and it doesn’t appear to be on U.S. Spotify either. We’ve got a promo, so we can discuss the whole thing, but you’ll have to make do with the third track from the album, “Chant 3 – The Fall” for now.

Árstíðir lífsins – Aldaföðr ok munka dróttinn (Ván)

arstidir lifsins aldafodr ok munka drottinn

Bladecatcher – Obverse (EEE Recordings)

bladecatcher obverse album

[full review]

We’ll also have written reviews of these and other new releases here on the site throughout the week, but for now, take a listen and check back later this week for our spoken thoughts in Episode 48!

Other New Releases of Note:

  • Akhlys – The Dreaming I (Debemur Morti) [full review]
  • Abyss – Heretical Anatomy (20 Buck Spin) [full review]
  • Bosse de Nage – All Fours (Profound Lore)
  • Ides of Gemini – Carthage / Strange Fruit EP (Magic Bullet)
  • Acid King – Middle of Nowhere, Center of Everywhere (Svart)
  • Nocternity – Harps of the Ancient Temples (Iron Bonehead)
  • Gallows – Desolation Sounds (Bridge Nine)

Live. Love. Plow. Horns Up.