Album Review: Whiskey Ritual – “Blow With the Devil”

Whiskey Ritual - Blow With The Devil

Third full length Blow With the Devil from Italy’s Whiskey Ritual is a loud and brash amalgamation of black metal and rock-n-roll. Lo-fi thrash and speed metal march in step with a ready-to-party punk rock attitude throughout. But, it’s the black metal chops the band uses to a large degree that makes this album a cut above their previous material. It took them one EP and two full lengths of filth ridden back alley anthems but they’ve finally realized their full potential here. Continue reading


Azavatar - Azavatar

Less than two years after their formation, here comes German four piece black metal troop AZAVATAR with their self-titled debut album. All songs start with a “k” and each letter “u” is written as a “v”—gee, guys, d’you think this is gonna be kvlt? All joking aside, this is a brash and in your face black metal album that isn’t afraid to let the riffs, let alone the doom, shine through. Continue reading