The Nine Circles Playlist Vol. 150 (10.10.2020) — Eddie Van Halen Edition

playlist - mixtape

Welcome back to another Saturday morning mixtape. This week, we are paying our tribute to the life of one of the most larger than life figures in the world of heavy music, the one and only Eddie Van Halen. Chris has a fantastic in-depth piece from earlier in the week on the Atomic Punk you can and should check out, but today we’re going to let that one of a kind tone do the talking. The world of music wouldn’t be the same without it.

– Vincent

Rest in Peace to the Atomic Punk: Eddie Van Halen (1955-2020)

Everyone has a story about the first time they heard him.  The first time they heard it.  That tone…that indescribable sound…seemingly impossible runs of notes pouring forth in a torrent that would ignite the imagination of thousands of kids to pick up the guitar and figure out what they could do, if they could only play like him.

There are hundreds, thousands of great guitar players…amazing guitar players.  But players that changed the landscape of music?  Hendrix, certainly.  Iommi?  You can make the argument for sure.  But there’s something about the way Eddie Van Halen threw out so many rules and simply made the guitar fly that reaches out and touches everyone who came after him.  There may be many giants in the field, but so few legends, and the Earth reverberates with the passing of one so large. Continue reading