Album Review: Sinphobia – “Awaken”

Sinphobia - Awaken

I always regret going back to my hometown in small-town Ohio for a reason: It’s at least 15 years behind the curve of, well, everything else. Going to my hometown is like stepping in a time capsule that only goes to the absolute worst parts of the early 2000’s. Sinphobia‘s debut album Awaken conjures the same emotional response from me as going back to my hometown. Equal parts bone-headed “death metal” (e.g., groove metal) and tough-guy metalcore (with breakdowns!), it’s not just derivative — it’s like they collected all the throwaway riffs of every second-tier metalcore act from a decade ago, threw some layered growls on top, and decided to call it death metal, all while writing piss-poor songs in the process.  Continue reading