The Nine Circles Playlist Vol. 212 (1.1.2022)

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Welcome to the future, everyone. I spent the last day of 2021 applying beauty masks and drinking champagne with my wife and son because you know what? That shit felt NICE. Even the boy admitted it it was cool, although I suspect his favorite part was the horror of peeling the mask off like dead skin. Yes, we had Slayer playing in the background…couldn’t resist.

To kick off 2022 and the 212th edition of the Nine Circles Playlist I put on my metal playlist and hit random to see what came out, so you’re getting the year off to a brutal start with some Unanimated and Chapel of Disease, as well as some classic Katatonia. Josh comes into the year guns blazing with some Wommbath, Barghest, and Everclear before finishing up with the ripping live Corrosion of Conformity. Vincent changes the mood a bit with The Hotelier, Alcest, and King Woman before Jon comes out of the snow to go full tech death, blasting some new Allegaeon, Spawn of Possession, and Archspire. Anton continues to play the left field choices, bringing in some choice cuts from his AOTY band Code as well as tracks from Eschatos and Fleshvessel. Bringing up the rearguard this time is Buke, and as awakes he’s ready with the classic of the genre, from Ahab, Death, Manowar, Saviours, and even a little Trivium.

That’s it. We’re officially in the new year. Let’s see if we can make it better than the last two, huh?


Album Review: Barghest / Thou Split 10″


With more than 37 releases since 2005, Thou is one of the most prolific bands in heavy music. Four full-lengths, ten EPs, splits, collaborations, demos; Thou does not know how to rest. The amazing thing is that with all of these releases under their belt, the quality doesn’t suffer. The band continues to evolve and push themselves to create increasingly harrowing heavy music. Their sludgy doom is unrivaled. Barghest, meanwhile, attacks metal from a different angle, mixing black metal with a touch of death. These two Baton Rouge, Louisiana bands have finally teamed up to release a split 10-inch on Elder Magick. Continue reading

The Nine Circles Podcast: Episode 10

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It’s a packed episode this week as the guys hit La Décima. Jump into new albums from Immortal Bird and Barghest, as well as a full range of new singles from all over the metal world–Amorphis, Queensrÿche, Myrkur and more! Then, in an extended Heaven / Hell segment, co-host emeritus Kevin Davis returns! He joins us from Baltimore to discuss the lineup for Maryland Deathfest 2016.

All that and much, much more in Episode 10, so check it out!

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