Initial Descent: December 4 -10, 2016


December came in like a rowdy drunk with the first real blast of cold air we’ve had. Between that and the already horrible traffic made far worse by the throngs of christmas shoppers armed with their lists and checking it twice I’m severely longing for summer to return. But, like always, I’ll impatiently await its return. As we get closer to kicking 2016 to the curb new releases are slimming but that doesn’t mean quality is taking one on the chin. For example, the mighty Zao are back from a 7 year absence with The Well Intentioned Virus and within the first 3 minutes it’s crystal clear how much their brand of thoroughly engaging metallic hardcore has been missed. Moving on, Bearstorm kick up some serious southern swagger on their EP Biophobia but of note is how well they combine that with black metal and death metal (bonus points for that beautiful album cover), avantegarde noise drone duo OvO offer up Creatura and honestly if you’re looking for something completely different from the norm and terrifying at the same time look no further, along the same lines but harsher is Gnaw Their Tongues Hymns For the Broken, Swollen and Silentand Terra take a chance on their 2 song album, Mors Secunda, but the risk pays off with intense yet brooding black metal peppered with post rock and heavy atmosphere. As stated before the quality hasn’t waned in the least but the list that follows is a bit shorter so jump in and see what’s left. Continue reading

Album Review: Bearstorm – “Biophobia”


The year is drawing to a close. Winter is laying its hand down, bringing the cold and the end of colors. You’re feeling the lingering physical blech from a flu shot, and all you want is your warmest slippers, a steaming cup of coffee and some familiar music to while away the rest of the day. But then you see this cover and are immediately drawn to the juxtaposition of an album called Biophobia where the cover teems with color and life. The loose definition of “biophobia” is a fear of nature, and if there is anything more terrifying in nature than a literal storm of bears, I can’t imagine it (although I’m sure someone at SyFy is…Copyright!). So kudos to the band Bearstorm for really bringing it in the name department, as well as delivering a strong mix of variety to their brand of progressive black/death metal. Continue reading