The Dump: Episode 7

Afternoon, metalheads! Gotten a chance to listen to Episode 7 yet? Well now it’s time for an all-new edition of The Dump, where we compile all of the content we mentioned–but couldn’t share–in this week’s episode, and let it all out for you here. We’ve got some links, Spotify playlists, you name it. Again, you’ll want to take a full listen to the episode to give everything its proper context, but for now, let’s get right into it!



  • Steel Panther at Irving Plaza, NYC

Steel Panther


  • Opeth – “Cusp of Eternity” – YouTube
  • Arch Enemy – “You Will Know My Name” (Music Video) YouTube
  • Wolves in the Throne Room “Celestite Mirror” – YouTube


  • Seth Rogen & Snoop Recap Game of Thrones


Excrecor – Hypnotic Affliction

Excrecor – Synchronicity 

Dimmu Borgir – Death Cult Armageddon 

Black Sabbath – Mob Rules

(For all new-release playlists, check out this week’s edition of Just the Tip!)

Live. Love. Plow. Horns Up.

Episode 7: May 30, 2014

It’s time for Episode 7 of Horns Up, your weekly catch-up on all things metal!

Dan and Corey return from Maryland Deathfest to discuss the past few weeks’ worth of concerts, new single releases from Opeth, Arch Enemy and Wolves in the Throne Room, and another major milestone for the mighty Metallica! Plus, new album releases from Misery Index, Crowbar and others!

All that and much, much more in this week’s episode–give it a listen!

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Live. Love. Plow. Horns Up.