Initial Descent: December 11 – 17, 2016


Yep, here we are amongst best of 2016 list season and in true form these final weeks are looking to be list busters. But hey, on the bright side we have tons of great new metal just in time for the hectic shopping and traffic season. So, strap on a pair of headphones, get out there and brave it. Sweden’s black metallers Murg return with their second full length Gudatall which is as heavy on black metal aggression as it is on suffocating atmosphere, Grafvitnir offers scathing and utterly evil black metal on Obeisance to a Witch Moon, Call of the Void continue their amalgam of death, grind, punk and sludge metal on AYFKM (guess what that stands for), Black Cilice gives us yet another cold and blistering black metal release for the week on Nocturnal Mysticism, and Youdash bend time as well as all constraints of typical death metal thought patterns on their strikingly good debut Astrophobia. Stellar week here on Initial Descent and we still have more to go so continue the exploration, after the jump. Continue reading

Album Review: Black Cilice – “Nocturnal Mysticism” (EP)

Black Cilice - Nocturnal Mysticism

The time that has passed between the second wave of black metal’s earliest manifestations and the evolution of the black metal template leading to new forms has been genuinely exciting to behold. Once, black metal as a genre manifested itself closely by resembling styles that took in a smaller degree of other elements. It has now incorporated a variety of more disparate elements to create several iterations of the genre no longer closely aligned with second wave black metal. This has largely been a triumph for bands who wished to branch out and expand said template. Perhaps a disgust of playing the same iteration over and over and the collective docility of bands that aimed to continue to play true to the genre’s roots led to a free-falling of the genre as we knew it. Bands like Black Cilice stay true to the first forms of second wave if nothing else. But, there is more to the necro production that Black Cilice uses to its contemporary uniqueness on Nocturnal Mysticism.

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