Northern Chaos Gods: Some thoughts on Immortal’s long-awaited return

Immortal - Northern Chaos Gods

DISCLAIMER: I’m not really sure this counts as a “review”; I’ve only had Northern Chaos Gods since Friday, which isn’t nearly enough time to fully assess it. Rather, let’s just call this a “brain-dump” — a summation of some things I’ve been pondering about both the album itself and what it means more broadly: for Immortal and beyond. So, here you go.
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Retrospective: Immortal’s “All Shall Fall”


It’s weird to think that All Shall Fallthe eighth, most recent (and maybe last?) studio album from Immortal—is now five years old. More than that, it’s weird to think that my junior year of college, which I was right in the middle of when this thing dropped, is five years ago.

That’s not just any old ancillary detail; I spent my undergrad years at Syracuse University, where winter effectively begins in October, and it’s not unheard of to have nonstop snowfall across multiple full days. It’s brutally cold, and in some parts of the campus, the wind whips fiercely enough to inflict physical pain upon those caught walking through it. So naturally, from my first listen onward, All Shall Fall became the perfect soundtrack to my grim, frostbitten existence in Central New York.

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