Rainbows in the Dark: Lord Buffalo — “Tohu Wa Bohu”

It’s Sunday, so it must be time for me to review another folk album.  I feel like that is most of what I do here but I’m also fine with that.  Outside of metal, folk is what I listen to the most, so naturally I’m going to gravitate towards that, given the chance.  Sometimes, I even get a chance to talk about an album that shamelessly straddles the gap between the two genres, which is exactly what Lord Buffalo’s new LP Tohu Wa Bohu does.  This is Rainbows in the Dark, featuring the best of all things non-metal and metal-adjacent. Continue reading

Initial Descent: February 16 – 22, 2020


Midway through February and just past Valentine’s Day so hope you all had a lovely one. If you did or if you didn’t, we’ve got the fix in the form of new metal and a ton of it so let’s do that, shall we? Certainly. At just three tracks, Portugal’s Innards excite the grind side of death metal with their latest quickie, Lowrider smashes a 20 year silence with their legendary desert metal and things have never sounded better, Road Warrior and Gravebreaker combine forces for a whiskey soaked, rip-roaring heavy metal hootenanny of a split, and TerrifianT pull all the stops in proving that heavy metal is as crazy as it is rowdy as hell. So, there you have it, and there’s much more to come so keep reading. Continue reading

Nine* Circles ov…What “Didn’t” Make My 2019 End of Year List (But Should Have)

Best of 2019

* Hey it’s Thursday!  And it’s more than 9!  What else is new?  I hereby fully (don’t) apologize for the late entry that clearly doesn’t at all conform to the format.  Suck it….

I tried to keep my 2019 End of Year list(s) brief…I really did.  But like last year simply too much happens in the span of 365 days to limit advocating and championing the things one comes to love.  And I’m not talking about the release of records.  I’m speaking to the way we change and grow and mutate with every experience, the way what we hold dear or take comfort in stands as a totem or ward against the hate and pain of a world gone mad, a world that grinds away at our compassion, our love, and our fortitude to stand against it while maintaining the core of who we are.  Continue reading