Initial Descent: April 8, 2016


It’s funny: even though I’d marked April 8 on my calendar weeks ago to signify it as “Ihsahn Day,” I somehow completely forgot that the new Deftones album, Gore — which I’ve as excited for if not more excited for — also drops today. Seriously. Didn’t even remember it until I was putting this post together. So yeah! Now I’m officially jacked for today!

It doesn’t stop there, though. We’ve also got a collaborative album from Cult of Luna and Julie Christmas, and new stuff from Geryon, Bog of the Infidel and even everyone’s favorite over-appreciated guitarist, Zakk Wylde! So let’s not waste any more time: here’s what’s on tap for Friday, April 8:
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Album Review: Bog of the Infidel – “Asleep in the Arms of Suicide”


Hailing from the dark woods of New England, alive with the folklore that made The Witch such a mentally terrifying film, Bog of the Infidel create music with a folk-influenced touch that would have been at home on the hand-crafted, wooden instruments of original Puritan weirdos that colonized this here country of ours. Although their 2010 full-length left plenty to be desired,. their 2013 EP To Corrupt Your Sons and Lust After Your Daughters was a huge step forward for the nihilistic black metal outfit. Now they return with an LP, Asleep in the Arms of Suicide, in that same vein of raw, first wave inspired black metal. Continue reading