Album Review: Sarke – “Bogefod”

sarke bogefod

Remember being a kid and trying to start your first band? Those awkward high school days where your attempts at original songwriting end up sounding like covers of the bands you’re into at the time? I went through that phase in a big way –– and much to my dismay, there weren’t too many kids in my school that wanted to hear contemporary attempts at AC/DC or Maiden. (And they certainly didn’t want to hear it from pudgy, zit-filled kids with long hair.)

Alas, the guys in Oslo’s Sarke have the same problem. A Norwegian black metal supergroup, they’re neither kids, nor particularly new at all this. Yet eight years and three albums in, the band’s never been able to shake their influences from their sound’s blackened sleeves. And unfortunately, that remains the case on their new, fourth album, BogefodContinue reading