The Nine Circles Audio Thing: Chris and Dan Count Down Their Favorite Non-Metal of 2019!

best of 2019 non-metal

Episode 34 of the Nine Circles Audio Thing takes a break from all that loud metal for the holidays as Chris and Dan go on for probably too long about their favorite non-metal music of 2019. Continue reading

Rainbows In The Dark: Thunderbitch – “Thunderbitch”

Thunderbitch - Thunderbitch

Chances are, regardless of musical preference, the bluesy rock and southern soul group Alabama Shakes have crossed your radar at some point. If so, the soulful and powerful vocals from Brittany Howard undoubtedly left an impression. Thunderbitch, fronted by Brittany Howard, joined by members of Fly Golden Eagle and Clear Plastic Masks, self-released their debut S/T full length, seemingly out of nowhere. Both, the band name and the promo photos floated around with the vocalist, disguised in glasses and a leather jacket looking the part of youthful angst. Thus, the musical direction of “good time garage rock” with a heavy dose of southern soul comes as no surprise. So it is with this installment of Rainbows In The Dark. Continue reading