Album Review: Burial in the Sky – “Creatio Et Hominus”

burial in the sky - creatio et hominus

It feels like a decade ago, but back in November of 2016 I reviewed my first record for Nine Circles, the debut full length from Pennsylvania’s progressive/technical metal outfit Burial in the Sky.  In that time I’ve (hopefully) grown in my ability to convey a sense of what to expect with a given release, mirroring the sense of growth and experimentation the band seemingly underwent that resulted in sophomore effort Creatio Et Hominus. The album finds a new iteration of the band further stepping away from pure technical death metal to encompass more space and open passages, achieving in their best moments a sense of expansiveness and invention that continues to set them apart from their peers.   Continue reading

Album Review: Rivers of Nihil – “Where Owls Know My Name”

Rivers of Nihil - Where Owls Know My Name

There are few better things in life than when a band you write off as just not being in your wheelhouse surprises the hell out of you.  On their first two releases Rivers of Nihil crafted technical if slightly detached death metal.  Everything rang true and sounded great, and nothing stuck out.  With Where Owls Know My Name the band rips its sound wide open, laying bare exposed nerve endings that mesh with a sense of exploration to craft my favorite death metal release so far this year.   Continue reading