Initial Descent: October 9 – 15, 2016


It always seems that October flies by faster than any other month. Here we are, already halfway through and thankfully, the new metal releases just seem to get better each week. This one is no different but with Darkthrone‘s Arctic Thunder, it just got a lot bigger and for a lot of metalheads that have been anxiously awaiting their return. But we also have the latest entry into grindcore perfection with Voices from Wormrot, Waldgeflüster return with their pagan, atmospheric black metal on Ruinen, hard driving contemporary metallers Anciients offer up their second full length Voice of the Void, 40 Watt Sun‘s Wider Than the Sky is an emotionally stirring doom album and Our Place of Worship is Silence give us some gritty death metal on The Embodiment of Hate. Powerful week for sure, and we haven’t even scratched the surface yet so dive deeper after the jump. Continue reading

Album Review: Our Place of Worship is Silence – “The Embodiment of Hate”


Southern California’s Our Place of Worship is Silence have walked a long, hard road to get to where they are today. Where many bands would have called it a day after dealing with the death of a founding member before their first album was even released, Our Place of Worship is Silence soldiered on in spite of the obstacles. Their debut album, The Embodiment of Hate stands as a testament to where the band came from, the uncompromising strength that took them to its release, and the catharsis that is experienced surfacing on the other side of negativity.  Continue reading

Initial Descent: September 11 – 17, 2016

High Spirits
High Spirits
Welcome to another Initial Descent and yet another stacked batch of releases. Hopefully you spent yesterday getting a head start because there’s enough on tap here to keep most anyone busy. We all could use some happiness so do yourself, and those around you, a favor and check out High Spirit‘s latest full length Motivator. On the opposite spectrum, if you just recovered from Subrosa’s latest dive into Light Falls from Wrekmeister Harmonies and keep that heavy yet somber feeling alive. Blister your eardrums with Cara Neir and Wildspeaker‘s latest Split on Broken Limbs Recordings, who actually have several out this week that warrant your time. Sumerlands debut Sumerlands deeply satisfies the traditional heavy metal craving and Mare Cognitum returns with their hypnotizing take on atmospheric black metal with Luminiferous Aether. All that and much more so click that “continue reading” link. Continue reading

Album Review: Fister/Teeth – Split 7″

GDP-17-001.pdfOne of the greatest things about a split release is that it allows you to go deeper with bands you’ve already grown accustomed to while offering a glimpse of an undiscovered outfit. Splits also allow both parties to take some creative detours from the type of material that would be on a full-length and to pair up with artists that may not traditionally be seen as compatible. In the case of the upcoming split between California-based Teeth and the well-established doom/sludge barons Fister, there’s a clear parallel in the bands’ use of dissonance while offering a contrast in their use of tension and songwriting.  Continue reading

Album Review: Wode – “Wode”

Wode - Wode

Residing somewhere between the pummeling old guard and the all encompassing sound of modern black metal is Wode‘s Self-Titled debut full length. Its elegant ugliness and breathtaking command of the nearly hour long runtime suggests a band much deeper than six years into its prime. Wode play like master technicians, bending and molding the harsh bleakness that is indicative of the grimmest black metal in ways that are refreshing to say the least. But it’s the way the band plays with the overall feeling here — hope in one song, despondency in the next — that really makes the album shine. It’s tough to pin down any one influence but suffice it to say, awe inspiring moments surface in droves. Continue reading