Initial Descent: February 26, 2016

anthrax band

Awws, look at how grey Scott Ian’s dumb goatee is now. If it weren’t so stupid, it’d be kind of adorable. Anyway, it’s Friday, and a packed one at that. Loads and loads of new releases to get to this week, not just from Anthrax, but also VoivodDeströyer 666 and a ton more. That’s all outlined below, so let’s not waste any more time than we need to. Here’s what’s on tap for Friday, February 26:
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Album Review: Buffalo Theory MTL – “Skeptic Knight” (EP)

BTMTL-Skeptic-Knight- webWhen it comes to Canadian metal, three things come to mind: Voivod, Blasphemy, and Woods of Ypres. There are others in there, of course, but in terms of major exports of the heavy variety, those three bands are common knowledge. But stoner metal? Not so much. Leave it to Buffalo Theory MTL to be the region’s purveyors of NOLA-influenced, blues-indebted heaviness. They’ve been at it since 2010, and their newest EP Skeptic Knight changes little about their quirky, swaggering brand of stoner rock. It’s dumb fun at its core, and like anything else that is boneheaded and self-aware, doesn’t leave much of an impression beyond a few listens.  Continue reading