CANTO: Tombs, Epica, Calyces, and More

My tape collection is growing at a rapid rate, a trend I did not anticipated this time last year.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”

Initial Descent: October 11 – 17, 2020

Spirit Adrift
Spirit Adrift

If you’ve been anxiously awaiting something to get excited about—let’s face the fact that there’s a critical shortage of that—it’s Spirit Adrift week, FINALLY. Their fourth full length is everything you love about them but better, bigger, and just a damn joy to listen to. Beyond that, we’ve got Wayfarer who finally clicked for me with album number four which sees the band really deliver a picture perfect vision of a dust laden, dark Wild West. Bringing forth a killer modern day version of Burnt By The Sun and Origo era Burst is Kneel with their second full length and holy crap I’m all here for it, and prog metallers Calyces offer up an intensely catchy debut. Stellar top four here but there’s much more to explore so head below and enjoy yet another wealth of treasures.

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Profile: Greek Prog Metallers Calyces

The 2000s shaped progressive metal into the juggernaut it is today and classic rock from the 70s sealed its legendary status with bands that were larger than life. Greek progressive metallers Calyces paid close attention to all of this on their upcoming debut full length, Impulse To Soar. The album is drenched in all the above but also has a slight taste of the sludgy yet atmospheric sound that we’ve come to know from bands that cut their teeth in the Savannah, GA scene. But, best of all, it’s a very memorable debut, one that begs repeat listens due to its mystifying songwriting and catchy grooves. Just ahead of the album’s release, we had the chance to pose our set of Profile questions to the band so head directly below to see how it went down and be sure to give them some support via the links contained within.

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The Nine Circles Playlist Vol. 145 (9.5.2020)

playlist - mixtape

Hello and welcome to another edition of our Saturday morning mixtape series. This week, we’ve got new singles from Six Feet Under, Anaal Nathrakh, and Tombs, plus a whole slew of other favorites across genre lines. I can think of no better way to kick off your long weekend.

– Vincent