Concert Review: Migration Fest, Part 2


Keeping the recaps and highlights of this past August’s Migration Fest moving along, we move on to our (my) second installment… you can catch the first part here. While the festival certainly jumped out to a good start with the events and bands of both Thursday night at Obsidian and the first night at The Capitol Theater on Friday, there is no doubt that Saturday was absolutely the high point of the weekend. I’ll do my best to recall some of the happenings below. But, ya know, it’s been awhile. And I’ve been busy, because life. No matter! Let us begin/resume. Continue reading

Album Review: Christian Mistress – “To Your Death”

christian mistress to your death

To Your Death is no far cry from Christian Mistress’ 2012 release Possession despite the band’s hiatus.┬áIn fact, little has changed about their sound. A bit more subdued, and a bit more derivative of Thin Lizzy’s harmonized guitars than Iron Maiden’s, the idea remains the same. The vocal talent (and straightforward lyrical metaphors) far exceeds the backing band supported by formulaic and predictable drums and guitars. Sadly, the bass, which was a standout on Possession has been lost to the mix. To Your Death can be an enjoyable experience on its face but the album is relentlessly overridden and suffocated by gimmicks and derivative songwriting.

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