Throwback Thursday: Milestone Anniversaries for Death and Gorguts!


So, can we talk about how tricky it can be finding post-worthy anniversaries for specific dates on Throwbacks like these? I tried looking back through and finding cool stuff that’s happened or dropped on June 21, and…couldn’t find much of anything I felt like writing about. Damn you, history.

BUT…break outside the strict adherence to post-date alignment, and suddenly, things got easier. After shifting the search parameters to include “+/- a day or two,” I came almost immediately upon two death metal classics: Death‘s Individual Thought Patterns, which turns 25 tomorrow; and GorgutsObscura, which crosses 20 on Saturday. THROWBACK TOPIC DECIDED.

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Throwback Thursday: Death – “Scream Bloody Gore”

Death - Scream Bloody Gore

Twenty nine years ago this month, death metal transcended its thrash roots and became the distorted and necessarily vile animal it is today with Death‘s full length debut Scream Bloody Gore. But even more amazing is that with each successive release the band kicked and twisted this blueprint into some of the smartest and most well written death metal ever put to tape. This is just how mastermind Chuck Schuldiner’s brain worked and with the healthy string of demos that preceded this release it was extremely apparent that the devil is, and always was, in the details. And all of these details were perfect for this release that to this day is an absolute pinnacle in the death metal genre. Continue reading

Throwback Thursday: Headbanger’s Ball

Headbanger's Ball

After nearly an 8 year run the footlights went out for the original Headbangers Ball at the end of January 1995. By this point it wasn’t much of a surprise, at least to me. The show had become a shell of its own self. Long gone were the days of rowdy interviews and comical backstage mishaps. The programming shifted into the mainstream rock and grunge thing that was happening at that time and left its roots to rot and die a slow death. During its peak though, the show was my favorite two hours of tv and thus is the focus of this edition of tbt. Continue reading

Retrospective: Death’s “The Sound of Perseverance”


Looking through our archives, there really is a disappointing lack of Death-related material here on Horns Up. And okay, a large part of that is down to the fact that a good—I don’t know, 80?—percent of our content focuses on new stuff: new album reviews, headlines, etc. And, well…for reasons we’re all aware of, Death hasn’t had much going on in the way of “new stuff” in some time. But even with all of the Retrospectives and #TBTs we do…I still count just one mention of the death metal legends in our site’s history. And almost a year in, that’s unacceptable. So today, I’m going to remedy that, by covering the band’s landmark final album, The Sound of Perseverance, for this week’s Retrospective.

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