Monday Merriment: The Worst Heavy Metal Cover of All Time

No, really–trust me. It’s the worst. I’m going to keep this short and sweet, because I’m a bit slammed at the real job–some of you may¬†already be familiar, but for this week’s edition of Monday Merriment, check out this attempt at a cover of Iron Maiden’s “Aces High”

And instantly, the name “Chule” was entered into both the books of both metal and internet legend. And it was good/bad. Mostly bad. Seriously, I’ve heard animals in labor that were less corrosive to my ears than his, erm…wail. Kudos to the friend recording his performance on the right hand side of the video screen, for somehow managing to keep a straight face–or at least managing to keep his laughter relatively contained. A¬†positively zen-like performance on his part.

Anyway, that’ll do it. Check back later on for Quickies!


Live. Love. Plow. Horns Up.In