Initial Descent: February 26 – March 4, 2017


There’s a quote from Sun Tzu that got a lot of mileage from me this week, “In the midst of chaos there is also opportunity.” Think about that for a minute…it can be applied to nearly any situation and if the chaos (literally or figuratively) threatens to take over we must seek the opportunity. If we don’t then what’s the point? Anyway, ’twas one of those weeks but in metal we are free and thankfully there’s a lot to go around here on Initial Descent. Post metal behemoths Junius return with Eternal Rituals for the Accretion of Light and as was expected it is absolutely massive; in scope, musicality and the way the band hurdles every possible emotion with ease. On debut EP Summon Horrendous Destruction Oregon’s Petrification bring barbaric nastiness back to death metal and summon Finland’s storied lineage as well as the most highly esteemed USDM. Cold Fell offer up their full length debut Irwell which is as aggressively abrasive as it is majestic and strangely welcoming, and on Severed Monolith Gorephilia gives us ten tracks of ear shattering death metal with barely a breather amongst the pack. As usual, thats not all so jump in and get swept away. Oh and don’t forget, find that opportunity. Continue reading

Album Review: Cold Fell – “Irwell”

Cold Fell - Irwell

Modern black metal is typically harsh and aggressive. Modern black metal bands invoke atmosphere by slowing down and ringing out notes on staccato-plucked strings, with slightly enhanced production rendering the instruments clear to the listener. Such is the case with Cold Fell on their debut full length Irwell.

You can feel the thud of drums blasting at breakneck-speed, and feel the grating of pick against steel strings. You might also manage to hear some bass. The overall effect of which is a heavy, nuanced vernacular of slightly-dissonant, often rampaging, screaming, and burgeoning wall of sound that lets up in direct paradox to the blast sections, slowing down and offering doom touches and vicarious high-pitched screams. Continue reading