Profile: Mike DiSalvo of Coma Cluster Void

Coma Cluster Void
Coma Cluster Void

That name ring a bell? It should and especially for ’98 and ’00 Crytopsy fans. With memory jogged, Mike Disalvo‘s new digs Coma Cluster Void recently released their second album Thoughts From a Stone which is an amazing 21 plus minute journey through dissonance, mathy prog, technical death metal and downright dark soundscapes. This amalgam is thrown around a lot, particularly as of late, but this band actually delivers and successfully so. They push boundaries and give the listener a ton to chew on and a ton to think about while keeping things fresh and exhilarating. We recently had the opportunity to ask DiSalvo our set of Profile questions so head inside to see what he had to say but also to hear the album for yourself. Continue reading

CANTO: Tombs, Annihilator, Exhumed, and More!


9/26/2017. Two days in a row. Whoa.

That is a featured track from Thoughts From A Stone, which also drops on October 13th. So be sure to do that.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”