In the Flesh: Ash Borer, Volahn, and Shataan (January 23, 2017)


The Black Twilight Circle is a name that many familiar with underground black metal hold in high regard, and for good reason. Both the sheer amount of releases and the quality of these releases from the insular Los Angeles based acts brings acclaim from around the world, and to be able to live close enough to catch these various acts often is one of the best things about living in Southern California for me. So when I found out that two of the Circle’s best acts were opening for Ash Borer, an all time favorite of mine, there was no way I could miss out on that experience. Hosted once again at the Complex in Glendale, CA, this night would hold three memorable performances from some of the best black metal bands around.

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Album Review: Volahn – “Aq’Ab’Al”


At this point, my interest in—no…my obsession with—black metal should be no mystery to anyone. It’s an extremely diverse subgenre that allows for a lot of opportunities to change the game and add one’s own unique twist to an established style of music. But even with that kind of exploration, there’s still a lot of mundane crap out there as well; the same recycle,d tremolo-picked riffs and blast beats come up way too frequently. So when given a new black metal project to check out, I’m always a combination of both excited…and skeptical. In 2014, we were blessed—irony? Irony.—with Saor, Panopticon, and other really interesting takes on the genre. And if the strength of Volahn‘s newest album, Aq’Ab’Al is any indicator, 2015 might not be too bad, either.

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Just the Tip: February 3’s New Releases in Brief

It’s new release Tuesday—time for another edition of Just the Tip! Here’s the new release (and couple of older releases) we’ll be discussing on the podcast this week!

February 3, 2015

Blind Guardian – Beyond the Red Mirror (Nuclear Blast)


Volahn – Aq’Ab’Al (Crepúsculo Negro)

Black Sheep Wall – I’m Going to Kill Myself (Season of Mist)

We’ll also have written reviews of these and other new releases here on the site throughout the week, but for now, take a listen and check back later this week for our spoken thoughts in Episode 38!

Other New Releases of Note:

  • U.D.O. – Decadent (AFM)
  • Atomicide – Chaos Abomination (Iron Bonehead)
  • Dødsfall – Kaosmakt (Osmose)
  • Ululate – Back to Cannibal World (Xtreem)
  • Orden Ogan – Ravenhead (AFM)

Live. Love. Plow. Horns Up.