Interview: Crow Black Sky On “Sidereal Light,” Larger Scale Concepts and Their Next Chapter

Crow Black Sky
Crow Black Sky

South Africa’s Crow Black Sky has been around for nearly ten years. Pantheion was released shortly after their inception and then…silence for the next eight. Thankfully, this silence was broken last month with their second full length Sidereal Light: Volume 1 which will be the first in a series of exploratory releases. Merely judging from both albums, the band would seem tough to pin down, genre wise, as Pantheion sounded more like melodic death metal with a slight nudge towards black metal yet Sidereal Light is expansive, epic and stunning atmospheric black metal. After hearing this new album I had to reach out to Gideon Lamprecht (guitar, backing vocals and writer) to find out more about the new album, their larger than life concepts and what was next for the band. Head inside to see what he had to say. Continue reading

The Nine Circles Playlist Vol. 27 (1.29.2018)


Monday. Again. Yes, that infamous day that drags us from sleep too early and forces us back into the world at large. But, rather than focus on the negative, we have another playlist full of tunes that will bring you to life and jumpstart the week. Breaking from the norm of just a playlist, I want to mention a couple of new releases that, rightfully, took up a huge chunk of time this weekend: Neverending Winter – Сеногной and Sanguine Moon – What Shadows Once Hid… Be sure and check those out. Moving on, subscribe to our YouTube channel here and head inside to listen along as we share last week’s tunes. Continue reading