Album Review: 偏執症者 – “Satyagraha”


Nine Circles is a metal blog. First and foremost. But a few of us have a penchant for D-Beat and crust punk. Even more so, Swedish D-Beat. So when 偏執症者 (it means Paranoid) arrives in our inbox, and D-Beat is seen in the description, you can bet there is a brief war over who gets to cover it. As a founding member of Nine Circles, I won. Thus, you get to listen to me drone on about how great punk rock is as a genre, ideal and philosophy. And I get to do that by describing Satyagraha, the newest release from Swedish D-Beat psychopaths 偏執症者. Continue reading

Album Review: Victims – “Sirens”

Victims-Sirens-1500x1500Five years is a long time for any band to not put out a new release, but in circles of punk and hardcore, it’s practically unheard of. The exception to the rule is when you’ve put out a spree of albums so significant and critically acclaimed that you can bask in the afterglow. Such is the case with Stockholm-based Victims, whose newest album Sirens continues in the tradition of the fiery but melodic Swedish crust punk. Sirens does introduce a few subtle changes into the band’s sound, though, which makes it stand out all the more from their already near-flawless discography.  Continue reading

Interview: Victims talk New Album, Concerts and Politics

There are few bands that span the hardcore and punk river as well as Victims. They’ve been around since 1997 and have not slowed their output or their veracity. Their upcoming album, Sirens is yet another terrific edition to their catalog. On the album Victims continues their assault against global injustice with their straight forward, hardcore influenced d-beat punk rock. In advance of that album we got a chance to sit down and have a brief chat with Victims. Below are the results.

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Album Review: Atrament – “Eternal Downfall” LP

Artwork by Stephen Wilson of Unknown Relic

This is more like it. Recently I had a massive crisis of faith and whiffed on a review where I bit off more than I could chew, genre-wise. Not this time. Not today. Who needs half-assed major label forest-folk, anyway?

While combing through the promos I received, I saw the light in the tunnel. That light is from Oakland, California and they refer to themselves collectively as Atrament. Their one-sheet refers to Wolfpack and not Wolfbrigade, which makes all the difference in the world to me — Johnnson vs. Micke is a no-brainer. While I’m sure these folks have spent quite a few hours bounding over  A New Dawn Fades LP, the real upfront influence is the almighty Skitsystem. I’m sure these guys have pored over the Profithysteri EP and the Ondskans Ansikte 10″ as if they were the goddamned Torah. Continue reading

Visions ov Hell: Discharge – “NWO”


GOOD MORNING VIETNAM. Punk legends Discharge are reformed, writing new material, and have recently signed to Nuclear Blast Records. Color me surprised, because this news totally flew under my radar. (Everyone blame Corey!) Details are pretty scant at this point: There’s a new lineup of members, some new and some not, and a new album will be out through Nuclear Blast at… some point. Discharge has been a mainstay in the punk/metal scene for years, and the new single “NWO” proves that, sometimes, sticking to your guns yields the best results.

If you’re a Discharge fan, there’s not much to dislike here: The same monochrome, ugly, punk/thrash riffs serve as the centerpiece of the song, the drums blaze along with the namesake beat that they created, and new vocalist JJ may as well be a younger incarnation of Cal Morris. A dissonant, shreddy bit makes its appearance in the middle and disappears quickly as the maelstrom continues, and as Discharge are known for doing, they make their point, get out, and leave us bruised, sweaty, and hungry for more.

If “NWO” is any accurate indication of what to expect from the new Discharge album, sign me up immediately. As we’d expect for a punk video, there are plenty of mohawks, sweaty dudes, and circle pitting. (What else did you expect?) Check it out below and get your adrenaline up to muscle through Monday.

– Dustin