Album Review: MRTVI – “Negative Atonal Dissonance”


Sometimes an album name perfectly captures the sound you’re about to ingest.  There’s no trickery, no attempt to lure you into a false sense of security.  So when I tell you that Negative Atonal Dissonance, the new album by UK black metal project MRTVI is exactly what it name implies: if you’re looking for a record that reaches for a level of experimentation and extremism while keeping one foot in some blasting philosophical black metal, you’re knocking on the right door.   Continue reading

Album Review: MRTVI – “Perpetual Consciousness Nightmare”

MTRVI Perpetual Consciousness Nightmare

To me, black metal can generally be summed up with one of three categories: 1) a well-executed buzz-saw to the face, 2) poorly-done and tossed aside after one listen, and 3) true boundary pushers within the genre and repeatedly blossoming with nuances unheard and deeper meanings revealed. With his terrific debut, Perpetual Consciousness Nightmare, Damjan Stefanovic’s one-man project, MRTVI, cements its place among the latter. While remaining rooted in black metal, the album pushes the genre’s boundaries firmly into avant-garde territory, with excellent results. Continue reading