Album Review: Wiegedood – “De Doden Hebben het Goed II”


You can argue all day about “atmospheric black metal” as a genre tag, the signposts that mark one band or album as indicative of the label or movement and another not. Is it merely an increased emphasis on melody? Keyboards (but of course without treading into symphonic territory)? A slower pace, better production? Some mix of all of the above? Oh shit…am I talking about post-black metal now?

I kid (a little bit…), but one of the things I’ve come to understand and respect about black metal over the years is how versatile it can be while simultaneously being clearly identifiable as such. It’s a facility with this musical language Wiegedood is intimately familiar with, and new LP De Doden Hebben het Goed II takes the credit earned from their debut and doubles down on everything that worked to great results. Continue reading