CANTO: Rob Zombie, Predatory Void, Lamb of God, and More

Lots of tour and festival news today I think…

“Ein Bier… bitte.”

CANTO: Porn, Devin Townsend, Machine Head, and More

devin townsend

Shit is wild out there these days. Take care of yourselves.


“Ein Bier… bitte.”
– cmb

CANTO: Abbath, Mayhem, Metallica, Killswitch Engage, and More


Only Canto this week because I will be in Arizona in like 12 hours.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”
– cmb

CANTO: Rammstein, Five Finger Death Punch, Necrot, and More

rammstein band 2017

I’m listening to Myopic right now. Just in case you were curious.

“Ein Bier… bitte.”
– cmb

Enslaved Live at the Royale, 2.17.2018


Band: Enslaved

Photographer: Corey Butterworth

Location: Royale, Boston

Date: February 17, 2018

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