Album Review: Zealotry – “The Last Witness”

zealotry-thelastwitness-2100pxAfter 2013’s well-received debut effort The Charnel Expanse, Boston-based death metal outfit Zealotry return triumphantly with their sophomore effort The Last Witness. Steeped in the winding, progressive, and experimental side of the genre, The Last Witness is an absolute monster of a record. Equally utilizing the technical finesse of Gorguts and Atheist, the alien atmosphere of Demilich, and the dissonant, off-kilter guitar work of early Immolation, Zealotry have crafted an album that is just as immediately satisfying as it is intricate and, upon subsequent listens, reveals more of itself to listeners and proves to be far more than the sum of its parts.  Continue reading

Album Review: Nucleus – “Sentient”

nucleus coverFor all of the old-school death metal bands that seem to be coming out of the woodwork right now, it’s become clear that most of them veer toward one specific “school” of death metal: The angular, bizarrely dissonant strain of the Finns; the romping, darkly melodic buzzsaw tones of the Swedes; or the American school that is based more on its strong sense of rhythm with some technical finesse. Chicago-based Nucleus, though, seem to draw from every aspect of old death metal on their debut Sentient while never getting bogged down in useless nostalgia. It does have its faults, but overall, Sentient is a very interesting melting pot of influences with enough of an original (read: sci-fi!) twist to certainly distinguish Nucleus from similar outfits.  Continue reading

Album Review: Chthe’ilist – “Le Dernier Crépuscule”

chtheilist le dernier crepuscule

Death metal has many, many schools. There are literally dozens of sub-genres. So, to get at the roots of the genre, there are a few distinct sounds of the old school. We will call them the foundational sounds. Sadly, the originators of death metal are hardly as well known as some of the more depressingly nu-metal and metalcore sounding bands of the last fifteen years. Thankfully, bands like Chthe’ilist are seeking to change that by reinvigorating early sounds of death metal with all the fervor of the bands that started it. Fans of Demilich, Adramelech, Convulse, Demigod and Abhorrence (in that order) will be ecstatic over their debut LP Le Dernier Crépuscule. Continue reading

Nine Circles Ov…FINLAND! (Round 1: The Kvlt)

flag finland

Greetings, everyone. Corey here… because Manny-O-War doesn’t like giving introductions. I’m sure you are all familiar with the way these ‘Nine Circles ov…’ posts work at this point. One of us picks a band, grabs nine tracks we like, and talks about them. Well, it’s time to change the game. Instead of sticking to one band and sharing a playlist, this time around we are going to focus in on a country that has long provided us with some of the best metal bands out there… Finland.

Of course, knowing Finland’s impressive role in the world of heavy metal, it wouldn’t be fair to only cover nine bands that have emerged from such an area. As many household names as there are out of this Scandinavian nation, there are countless others most of you probably aren’t aware of. As such, this topic will be broken into two segments: Round 1: The Kvlt, which Manny-O-War will cover below, and Round 2: The Mainstream, which I will get into this time next week. So, with the all the basics covered, let’s dive into the more obscure world of Finnish metal…

Continue reading

The Nine Circles Podcast: MDF 2015 Minisode IV (May 25, 2015)

nine circles logo podcast

Happy Memorial Day!

We’re back with our fourth and final recap of Maryland Deathfest 2015–this time, covering Sunday’s shenanigans. While bands like D.R.I., Early Graves, Thantifaxath and Portal were slaying at the Soundstage and Rams Head Live, Dan, Corey, Kevin and special guest / friend of the pod Dan Blumenthal were holding it down at the Edison Lot for Tombs, Goatsnake, Demilich, Anaal Nathrakh, Primordial, Neurosis, AMORPHIS (!!!) and a whole host of others.

Special shout-outs again to the many friends we made or caught up with this weekend down in Baltimore. Won’t spell everyone out here, as we already do so in the episode, but suffice it to say, this weekend wouldn’t have been nearly as fun without you all!

That all being said, give this final mini-sode a listen and see how it all went down on Sunday!

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