Nine Circles Ov…FINLAND! (Round 1: The Kvlt)

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Greetings, everyone. Corey here… because Manny-O-War doesn’t like giving introductions. I’m sure you are all familiar with the way these ‘Nine Circles ov…’ posts work at this point. One of us picks a band, grabs nine tracks we like, and talks about them. Well, it’s time to change the game. Instead of sticking to one band and sharing a playlist, this time around we are going to focus in on a country that has long provided us with some of the best metal bands out there… Finland.

Of course, knowing Finland’s impressive role in the world of heavy metal, it wouldn’t be fair to only cover nine bands that have emerged from such an area. As many household names as there are out of this Scandinavian nation, there are countless others most of you probably aren’t aware of. As such, this topic will be broken into two segments: Round 1: The Kvlt, which Manny-O-War will cover below, and Round 2: The Mainstream, which I will get into this time next week. So, with the all the basics covered, let’s dive into the more obscure world of Finnish metal…

Appreciate the introduction, guy-who-like-mainstream-metal. I, on the other hand, would like to hit the darker, more underground, side of Finnish metal. With that in mind, here are nine bands, in no particular order, that really get me hard. Huge shout outs to Sentenced, Impaled Nazarene, Sargeist and Behexen who, for some inexplicable reason, didn’t end up on my list.

Ride for Revenge

It’s not just Ritual Grim and our resident Dæmoness, Jaci, that love Ride for Revenge. A lot of people love their slow, pragmatic metal with exceptionally deep, turbulent and disturbed vocals. Click their name to check out a hot track.

Hooded Menace

Hooded Menace are lords of Doom, a genre that Finland is not often known for (despite some great recent releases). Sure, Hooded Menace got signed to Relapse and their catalog went downhill but if you click on their name above you can hear what is one of the best doom albums ever recorded, their 2008 debut release Fulfill the Curse.


You might recognize the vocals since Claws is a one man project of Hooded Menace’s vocalist, guitarist, etc., Lasse Pyykkö. Claws is a brutal, straight-forward, faster approach to metal for Pyykkö. Their only full length is linked above and it’s an absolute killer.


So these guys might be one of the better known, and most deranged, bands in metal. Of the hundreds of bands with “goat” in their name, Archgoat stand out as potentially the best.  Click the band’s name to hear their EP, Heavenly Vulva (Christ’s Last Rites).


I know. You see so many Beherit patches nowadays. Seems like they might just be a trendy band with a bunch of bandwagon fans. Well, turns out there’s a god damn reason you see so many patches. They rule.


Yea. Their first full length came out in 2014. But, like, have you heard it? Lunarterial is an all-time death metal album (with a bunch of doom, and sometimes grind, influences). It’s a sprawling work of art that absolutely deserves a spot here.

Satanic Warmaster

Finally about to play some shows in the United States for the first time despite existing since 1998, Satanic Warmster have a name that says it all. The one man project of Werwolf, Satanic Warmaster is another demented, corpse painted, black metal project. Let’s enjoy one of their more cleanly recorded albums in Satanic Warmaster’s extensive discography, Fimbulwinter.


Death metal for death metal lovers, Demilich produce technically sound, gurgling music. You would be hard pressed to find a Finnish band with deeper vocals or more technically proficient guitarists (at least in the early 90’s). Although a discography has been put out, let’s go with their 1993 release, Nespithe.


Not to be outdone on the death metal front, Adramelech (not to be confused with the Georgian Adramalech) produce sickening death metal. Their music is full of ancient mythology and demon-lore. They 1996 gem of a release, Pychostasia (linked above) has even been re-released.

Check back next week for ‘The Nine Circles ov… FINLAND! (Round 2: The Mainstream)’.

– Manny-O-War

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