The Nine Circles Playlist Vol. 28 – Best of January Edition (2.5.2018)


After a weekend full of criss-crossing the NC mountains, visiting breweries and eating some amazing food, it’s time once again to start a new week. I’m fine with this, for once, and am looking forward to more weekends just like this one. Anyway, we’re switching it up a little this week and highlighting some of our collective favorites from last month and a couple of extras as well. May do this on a regular basis and may not but we had fun discussing these and we hope it makes today just a little better. Music does have the power to do that. Subscribe to our YouTube channel here and head inside for a listen to what made our January better. Continue reading

Best of 2015: Monte McCleery of Un


Greetings, everyone! I hope you all have been enjoying the holiday season and everything it has to offer. As we roll into our second week of our Best of 2015 series, we are honored to feature the doom metallers out of Seattle known simply as Un. Guitarist and vocalist Monte McCleery was kind enough to share his favorite albums of the past year with us, and subsequently with you. Check them out below. Continue reading

Best of 2015: Matt Fitton’s List

Best 2015

2015 was a weird one for me. I’m still very new around these parts, but some of you may know me already. I had a very transitional first half of the year where I lost a long term job, I left my native homeland and I moved to pastures new for what turned out to be a buttload more opportunity in both my work life and my social life. Nottingham played host to some truly killer shows this year! But throughout the ups and downs the almighty riffs of years past kept me all warm and tingly inside, and as a consequence of upheaval it wasn’t until the second half of this year that I really began to experience new material. Some of the following gems landed quite late on in the past twelve months, but don’t let anybody ever tell you that this year was a slow one for the good stuff. 2015 was indeed “rad times” in musically heavy terms, so here’s my favorite nine releases of the year…

beavis rad times Continue reading

Initial Descent: October 30’s New Releases in Brief

horrendous band

Happy almost-but-not-quite-yet Halloween! What’s everyone dressing up as? (You guys do still dress up, right? It’s not just me being a weirdo? Sigh…that’s probably exactly what it is.) Anyway, there are some good new metals coming out for you kids today, so let’s jump into it. Here’s what’s on tap this week:
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Album Review: Hooded Menace – “Darkness Drips Forth”

Hooded Menace - Darkness Drips Forth

Halloween is this Saturday, which means you need a soundtrack for the kiddies that’ll be gracing your doorstep for tricks or treats. Hooded Menace try to fill that role with their fourth fulllength, Darkness Drips Forth. Over the years, the band has carved a niche with a ruthless strain of death and doom metal, but this time out, they push melodicism to the forefront — a move they’ve hinted at in the past but never fully realized. But unfortunately, that adjustment turns out to be the proverbial thorn in the album’s side. Continue reading