Initial Descent: March 4, 2016

Inverloch band photo

Another Friday is here — a little lighter than last week’s, to be sure, but some definite highlights all the same. We’ve got Inverloch, we’ve got Wolvserpent, we’ve got a new split from Primitive Man and Northless…you name it. Plenty to satiate yourselves with. So forget about what I’m writing here and get yourselves started. Here’s what’s on tap for Friday, March 4:
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Album Review: Satanic Warmaster / Archgoat – “Lux Satanae (Thirteen Hymns of Finnish Devil Worship)”

satanic warmaster archgoat Lux Satanae Thirteen Hymns of Finnish Devi Worship

When one legendary black metal act puts out an album of reworked tracks you stop and take notice. When two of Finland’s most influential black metal acts decide to rework songs and put out a split you drop your coffee on the floor and go into catatonic shock. Whatever you think about Werwolf, the guy behind Satanic Warmaster, there’s no denying that he and the boys in Archgoat are absolute monsters of the Finnish metal scene. They are  pioneers of the black metal genre; with particular regard to their use of death metal influences. To avoid unsavory topics is to deny their existence and, as history has taught us, denial has never prevented atrocities in this world. Thus, we must face ugly truths head on, and, in the case of Satanic Warmaster, bow to the genius of his musical influence and vision. Continue reading

Nine Circles Ov…FINLAND! (Round 1: The Kvlt)

flag finland

Greetings, everyone. Corey here… because Manny-O-War doesn’t like giving introductions. I’m sure you are all familiar with the way these ‘Nine Circles ov…’ posts work at this point. One of us picks a band, grabs nine tracks we like, and talks about them. Well, it’s time to change the game. Instead of sticking to one band and sharing a playlist, this time around we are going to focus in on a country that has long provided us with some of the best metal bands out there… Finland.

Of course, knowing Finland’s impressive role in the world of heavy metal, it wouldn’t be fair to only cover nine bands that have emerged from such an area. As many household names as there are out of this Scandinavian nation, there are countless others most of you probably aren’t aware of. As such, this topic will be broken into two segments: Round 1: The Kvlt, which Manny-O-War will cover below, and Round 2: The Mainstream, which I will get into this time next week. So, with the all the basics covered, let’s dive into the more obscure world of Finnish metal…

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