Album Review: Hukutus – “Oksitosiini”

Hukutus - Oksitosiini

It has to be the tap water. Something uniquely peculiar in it makes the creatively inclined denizens of Tampere, Finland experience a transformation into trickster gods possessed by mischievous glee and an endless stream of weaponized ideas to introduce cosmic chaos and animalistic frenzy into everyday corporeal reality. Having done my university studies in this affable city, I have experienced first-hand how seemingly respectable would-be-intellectuals and future white-collar go-getters make rampaging beasts of themselves. Administered by the madcap collective Hukutus, Oksitosiini provides an aural encapsulation of this rambunctious metamorphosis. It is one hell of a ride without brakes or safety belts. Continue reading

Profile: Finnish Death Metallers Wrathrone


Finnish death metallers Wrathrone have been around since 2008 and with their second full length, Reflections of Torment, newly minted to the metal masses they have firmly planted themselves into Finnish death metal royalty. The difference from debut Born Beneath is astounding. And that’s not discrediting said debut but here the songwriting and overall death metal chops are simply on another level. Two years have made all the difference and the band is much better for it. We’ve touted Finnish death metal here since forever and this album further cements that point but puts the exclamation point firmly on the melodic side. Plainly put, you need this. Anyway, just behind the album’s release we sat down with Matti and Mikael loaded with our Profile questions so head inside to see what they had to say. Continue reading

EP-Attack: Blood Challice, Snorri and Segregación Primordial

ep attack header
Photo Courtesy of Nine Circles’ own Corey Butterworth

Today we’ve got a brutal three-tape attack from the fine people over at Signal Rex. These are some pretty filthy releases. Three pretty short demo-style EPs from three pretty diverse bands from around the globe. Take some time to check them out and be sure to order the cassettes if you’re into that sort of thing as they are limited. Continue reading

DJ Dæmoness Proudly Presents: Finnish Filth


The idea of putting together a mixtape of ‘indecipherable Finnish gurgleracket*’ is something I’ve had in my head for a while and it kind of sprang into reality the other day, thanks to the delights of people on social media. Finnish metal [particularly death metal] has long been an obsession of mine — the grosser and more malevolent, the better. When one thinks about Scandinavian death metal, Sweden often springs to mind first with the fat guitar tones that Sunlight Studio helped create; Finland is regularly overshadowed. Unfair. A lot of Finnish stuff, for me at least, has a much more evil undertone that is absolutely riveting as well as insanely fucking heavy. There are a few bands that are more well-known but there are scores that get less play who deserve your attention, too.

How lucky for you then that I’ve dumped all of my favorites into one place. Most of it is death metal, with a fairly even split of old bands and new ones that nail that ‘recorded in their mom’s dank basement in 1992 via nerf football’ sound. There’s a smattering of black and doom also, because fuck me if Finland doesn’t rule at everything they do. I’ve been saying for years — it must be something in the water.

Instructions for use: Please play it loud enough to cause brownouts.


*shout out to to Ross for this entirely apt term.


Profile: Mikko of Cardinals Folly

Finnish doom trio Cardinals Folly have been making their sludgy racket since 2007. And with two full lenghts under their belt, along with two EP’s and a compilation appearance, the boys are ready to unleash their third LP Holocaust of Ecstasy & Freedom. That album will be released 6.3.2016 via Shadow King Records. You can grab the record off Bandcamp here or you can order a physical copy here. We had a chance to chat with Mikko of Cardinal’s Folly in advance of that release. Be sure to check out our very own Tenebrous Kate’s review here. So follow the jump for his answers! Continue reading