Receiving the Evcharist: Cosmic Church and Mountain Rescue Session Ale

Receiving the Evcharist

Receiving the Evcharist is our weekly feature where we pair choice albums with our favorite libations.  Drink from the cup of heresy.  This week’s offering: Cosmic Church’s Täyttymys and GoodLife Brewing Company’s Mountain Rescue Session Ale.  

The Metal: Cosmic Church’s Täyttymys

Cosmic Church Täyttymys

Finland is the country in the world with the most metal bands per capita, so it can be forgiven if a few fly under the radar, but I always thought it was criminal I didn’t see more people scream the praises of Cosmic Church.  The way the music managed to capture the spirit of classic nineties Scandinavia while adding flashes of brilliance that pushed their sound into the modern age set them in a class above their peers in the Finnish scene, particularly on 2013’s Ylistys and 2015’s Vigilia EP, one of my favorite releases that year.  So it is bittersweet, then, that I find myself penning words about Täyttymys, the best offering the band has given us yet, and what will apparently also be their last.  Täyttymys in English translates as “Fulfillment,” and it certainly lives up to the name; this is an album that has every ounce of passion its creator had thrown into it.  The tasteful keyboards and immediately recognizable melodic and rhythmic patterns on songs like “Armolahja” build a foundation of classic Finnish black metal, but the frenzied riffing and huge, triumphant melodic passages are something that is completely unique to the Cosmic Church formula, and those sections here are more defiant and daring than before.  If you’re going to go out, this is a hell of a way to do it.

The Booze: GoodLife Brewing Company’s Mountain Rescue Session Ale


GoodLife Brewery from Bend, OR is not a name I have been familiar with, but I am always game for trying a beer that does good for others.  Part of the company’s Sustainable Session Series, Mountain Rescue Session Ale gives back a portion of the proceeds of its sale to local volunteer rescue crews who work to get hikers in the nearby Deschutes and Willamette National Forests out of any dicey situations, and with a beer this good it’s easy to rack up some sales.  Mountain Rescue is nothing fancy, but is done completely right.  The balance between the malt and hops is spot on, playing together to create something almost fruity, with notes of apple or pear coming through.  This could have easily been lost in the world of pine or citrus, but the subtler hand prevails, and makes this live up to its intention as something sessionable.

Cheers, and be good to each other,

– Vincent

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