“What Did They Say?” Early 2019 Faves From the June AOTM Episode

angry abbath

Did you listen to the June Album of the Month podcast episode?  Did you do the homework?  Did you think we would leave you hanging?  Fear not, for below you will find a quick list (with links to boot!) of all the albums mentioned by the Nine Circles crew as early 2019 favorites.  Dive in, take a listen, and let us know what else is killing you so far this year.

*Note: Abbath isn’t actually in this list.  That is an oversight, because I’ve been loving Outstrider.  But any chance to post a picture of Abbath can’t be passed up, so… Continue reading

Album Review: Der Rote Milan – “Aus der Asche”


German black metal has a storied tradition. And while Germany has been one of the most popular places for black metal fans to attend shows and festivals, the scene in Germany hasn’t been as proliferate as it has been in the past. German black metal may have few distinct traits that make it discernible from a wide array of black metal bands from Scandinavia and neighboring France, but German black metal is more largely-known for heavier riffs, aggressive tendencies and few sojourns into progressive styles. Enter self-released album Aus der Asche by German black metal band Der Rote Milan, and German black metal may not be quite due for a renaissance, but Der Rote Milan offers the black metal fan an array of other influences to the black metal sound that few bands in its scene attempt with mastery and conviction. Continue reading