The Nine Circles Podcast: Episode 52


Corey’s tied up this week, so joining Dan on the pod is special guest Daniel Jackson! Dan is the mastermind behind Void Ritual, Dead Wretch and a bunch of other projects, and was also recently named editor of the forthcoming Kwinn Metal blog. The conversation was recorded on Tuesday, and took the two Dans all over the place — from Opeth to Maryland Deathfest to Mare Cognitum and more. It’s a hell of a time, trust us.

All that and much, much more in Episode 52, so check it out!

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Mini-Profile: Daniel Jackson’s Not-Metal Favorites

daniel jackson void ritual desu

We here at Nine Circles have been inspired by a number of writers. In the near future, we will start doing writer profiles for some of them, for it was those writers that inspired us to join, and water down, their craft. With that in mind, we asked a preliminary question to a bunch of writers we intend to profile. Today we bring you everybody’s favorite hero of metal and true believer in women’s rights, Daniel Jackson! Continue reading

Interview: Void Ritual’s Daniel Jackson on blast beats, solo writing, and his new, Godzilla-themed project

void ritual daniel jackson

The Albuquerque-based solo black metal project Void Ritual hasn’t yet amassed a large catalog of work, but what mastermind Daniel Jackson lacks in volume he makes up for in sheer quality. After debuting last year with the three-song EP, Holodomor, Jackson returned with some new material earlier this year, contributing three new Void Ritual tracks to a split cassette with Barshasketh (read our review here). If you’re a fan of deep-rooted yet progressive black metal, it’s in your best interests to check this stuff out. It’s simply stellar.

Earlier this month, we got the chance to chat with Dan about Void Ritual, politics and his upcoming Godzilla-themed melodic death metal project, Desu. Dan not only answered our questions with candor, but at one point, also felt comfortable enough to fly off on an inspired and well-meaning rant. Here’s what he had to say: Continue reading

Daily ‘Bang: Check out the “Benefit for Margriet” compilation

dewar pr benefit for margriet

The metal community’s always been great about coming together for a good cause, so today, I wanted to bring your attention to a new compilation from the thrash band Golers, in conjunction with Dewar PR.

This compilation was put together to raise money for Margriet Tan, wife of original Golers bassist Geoff Tan, who’s been diagnosed with brain cancer and is seeking an alternative treatment to radiation. The comp features 11 tracks from underground metal bands across a wide array of genres in the metal spectrum. Some of the highlights? An exclusive track from Desu, (a new project from Dan Jackson of Void Ritual) along with a haunting, atmospheric folk track from Twilight Fauna.

The compilation is available now via DewarPR’s bandcamp page, and all proceeds will go directly to the Tan family in their time of need. If you’re looking to kick off your weekend with some positivity, here’s a way to do it.

– Josh

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