Into the Grave: Dissection



Welcome one and all to the inaugural run of Into the Grave, a semi-regular piece where we comprehensively rank one artist’s discography. Not only will we discuss the artist and their catalogue but also why they matter so much to us as individuals. The rankings, of course, will be wholly subjectively and if you don’t agree, chime in with your own lists and opinions but be prepared to defend your sonic turf, warrior’s style (Come out and play-e-yay).

In this edition, J Coleman ranks Dissection‘s output, from best to worst. Or in this case, top pick to bottom pick. Continue reading

The Nine Circles Playlist: Vol. 4 (8.14.2017)


A variety of death metal superpowers this week! That’s always exciting. It’s been kind of a weird weekend on a number of fronts, so putting this list together was the perfect supplement to my body’s futile attempt to process all the alcohol I’ve consumed. I will apologize, the list is a bit shorter than usual. Some of the Nine Circles staff are off doing a lot of life-things for whatever reason, so that trims us down a bit. Maybe some of you think that’s a good thing? We don’t care either way. You know the drill, past playlists can be found on our channel here, and this week’s can be activated directly below. Enjoy!

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Album Review: Illusions Dead – “Celestial Decadence”

illusionsdead_celestialdecadenceFinland’s icy fields are home to metal bands from every niche imaginable: Whether it’s nightmarish funeral doom, atmospheric, morose melodic death metal, or black metal, Finland is well-loved by the international metal scene with good reason. Black/death metal outfit Illusions Dead, based out of Helsinki, add to the country’s ranks with their first full-length Celestial Decadence. While it suffers from some setbacks in songwriting and some wasted momentum, it is a strong offering that combines melodic black metal with pounding death metal and shows promise for the band’s future. Continue reading

Subgenre of the Week: Melodic Death Metal

Appetite sufficiently whetted by Episode 3‘s Subgenre of the Week discussion? Then it’s time to indulge in our melodic death metal Spotify playlist!

Corey’s Tracks:

  • In Flames – “Worlds Within the Margin”
  • At the Gates – “Under a Serpent Sun”
  • Hypocrisy – “Roswell 47”
  • Dark Tranquillity – “Not Built to Last”
  • Children of Bodom – “Lake Bodom”

Dan’s Tracks: 

  • Arch Enemy – “We Will Rise”
  • Dissection – “Where Dead Angels Lie”
  • Soilwork – “Machine Gun Majesty”
  • The Haunted – “Hollow Ground”
  • Dethklok – “Rejoin”

Check it out below and catch yourself up on some melodic death metal!


Live. Love. Plow. Horns Up.

Episode 3: April 25, 2014

It’s time for Horns Up, your weekly catch-up on all things metal!

This week, Dan and Corey cover new releases from Dust Moth and Machine Head, discuss the latest in the battle royale between Queensrÿche and ex-vocalist Geoff Tate, and revisit classic albums from Black Sabbath and At the Gates. Plus, Corey identifies 47 new ways to articulate just how much he hates deathcore!

All that and much more in Episode 3–plus, check back later today for our subgenre playlist of the week: melodic death metal!

Live. Love. Plow. Horns Up.