Album Review: Mesmur – “Terrene”

Mesmur - Terrene

A red glow illuminates a path of ash.  Lifeless, the only movement in the distance is a dark fog slowly ascending.  The sovereigns of suffering, international death/funeral doom act Mesmur, paint a dystopian landscape on their third studio album Terrene.  The album beautifully captures complex, heavy emotions through poetic, vivid lyrics backed by heavy synths and guitar, mixed with a hint of softness through cello and flute.  Mesmur know how to create something tragically beautiful as Terrene displays raw emotions over the course of an intense yet dreamlike musical journey. Continue reading

Retrospective: Evoken’s “Atra Mors”


Perfection. It’s elusive. It can take a lifetime. Fortunately for us, the guys in Evoken have been refining their craft for over 20 years now (first as Funerus then as Asmodeus and, since 1994, under their current moniker). Don’t let that make you feel old; maturity can be a good thing. A few gray hairs in the pubic region merely serve to show your experience and wisdom. In fact it’s those years of struggle, turmoil, lineup changes and letdowns that led to what may be the absolute best “funeral doom,” or hell, just the best doom album ever recorded.  Today we take a look at Atra Mors—the 100th album released by Profound Lore, and one of the very best.

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