Album Review: Mesmur – “Terrene”

Mesmur - Terrene

A red glow illuminates a path of ash.  Lifeless, the only movement in the distance is a dark fog slowly ascending.  The sovereigns of suffering, international death/funeral doom act Mesmur, paint a dystopian landscape on their third studio album Terrene.  The album beautifully captures complex, heavy emotions through poetic, vivid lyrics backed by heavy synths and guitar, mixed with a hint of softness through cello and flute.  Mesmur know how to create something tragically beautiful as Terrene displays raw emotions over the course of an intense yet dreamlike musical journey.

Terrene opens with ominous, slow but steady synths that slowly guide the listener to a world of sweet sorrow forged by vocalist Chris G.’s own hands.  From there, a heaviness is constructed with sharp cymbals, drums, dense guitar, and growled lyrics.  Eventually, the music is slowed and welcomes new instrumentation by guest performers—flutist Don Zaros of Evoken and cellist Nadia Avanesova.  The sound then grows in intensity, creating a well-balanced rise and fall to each of the four tracks on the album. 

The second half of Terrene welcomes choral vocals along with instrumentation that is hauntingly beautiful.  A sprinkle of spoken word is also mixed into this half of the album, driving the imagery described in the lyrics of a dying world further into view. 

On November 9, the track “Babylon” was released.  This stunning single is the second track on Terrene and features very visual lyrics describing the wasteland of the ruined Mesopotamian kingdom.  Zaros’ airy flute is featured here, adding an otherworldly feel to this already outstanding experience.  


Mesmur is a relatively new band having released their first album in 2014.  They continue to explore new worlds and dive into the vast, dense ocean of human emotion.  Journey around burning lakes of acid tears and ghost towns, commence slow and soothing head banging, lament and immerse yourself in funeral doom with Terrene.


Terrene is available November 29 on Solitude Productions.  For more information on Mesmur visit their official Facebook page.

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