Drinking With Satan: Névoa – “Re Un”

drinking with satan

Well, damn. How long as it been since I last sat down and did one of these? I feel like I almost need to reintroduce the concept. Don’t worry, that doesn’t take long. The rundown: I grab a random black metal album, drink heavily, and share my initial thoughts. No prior research, no repeat listens. It’s a fun time… except for when it goes horribly wrong (which has happened once or twice). Since it has been so long since I’ve gotten blasted on a weeknight — and I’m well on my way there now — I wanted to spin things in a slower, yet still aggressive, direction. It’s been a few months, so let’s not waste anymore time. Allow me… Continue reading

Receiving the Evcharist: Katatonia and Monkey Shoulder


Happy Friday, everyone! To welcome in a new weekend, I would like to present the first ever edition of Nine Circles’ Receiving the Evcharist. The rundown is as follows: Here at The Nine Circles Blog, many of us like to imbibe in a wide assortment of adult beverages when we are winding down at the end of the day or during the  weekend. Naturally, this practice goes hand in hand with the work that we do for Nine Circles. Combining drinking and metal really is the best use of time as far as I’m concerned. So, to get everyone primed for the weekend, each Friday we will choose one album and one drink, meant to be consumed together, and chat about them. Not too complicated, right? Right. Let’s begin. The metal: Katatonia’s Viva Emptiness. The booze: Monkey Shoulder, Batch 27. Continue reading

Drinking With Satan: Al-Namrood & Darkestrah – Tajer Al Punqia/Akyr Zaman

drinking with satan

Is it March already? I mean… it’s been March for three weeks already? What year is it? What’s going on? Who am I? What’s my purpose? Spoiler alert: NOTHING… for all of it. Zero. Zilch. There is no point to anything. Everything we do for our century-ish of life is so incredibly pointless when you think about it. No matter what we do while our consciousness is trapped in these bodies we abuse on the regular, we all die. Rich, poor, healthy, sick… all ends in the same result. So who gives a shit? Anyway, the theme of quarter one has been nihilism, in case you haven’t noticed. So why am I here doing is if it doesn’t matter? Easy answer: I want you all to join me in my cynicism and general disdain for our existence. So let’s get drunk and talk about metal! Welcome to the end of March, cretins! Continue reading